Speakers & Panelists

Ravin Ajit Mirchandani
Chairman, Ador Powertron Ltd
His passions converge on sustainable carbon-free mobility and road safety, and his work delves into lithium and hydrogen mobility while also shaping driver behaviour technology. He serves as a jury member for CHARGE ENERGY awards, focused on identifying the best legacy & emerging brands in the clean energy and e-mobility space globally.
Pratik Gupta
Co-Founder & CEO,
Gensol Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd
He brings over 19 years of experience in building technology-led businesses and product innovations in varied sectors of Automotive, Solar Energy, Embedded Systems, and Industrial Automation sectors. He was the Principal Engineer for NASA, U.S. Army, Navy, and Homeland Security. He is now spearheading the creation of Gensol EV’s personal mobility platform, envisioning widespread adoption of their vehicles in India and beyond.
Atul Arya
Head of Energy Systems Division,
Possessing a wealth of experience across sectors from Manufacturing to Transmission & Distribution, he has over 28 years of experience at a global level. He is now spearheading the initiative to establish Panasonic as a pioneer in the Energy Storage Market in India and other emerging nations.
Sujai Karampuri
Director, Energy Storage and Electronics,
Government of Telangana
He has been working with Telangana government for the last 7 years, and is also the Managing Director of Telangana Fiber Grid Corporation and CEO of T-Works. Prior to this, he worked in developing both hardware and software for radio access solutions, and as a System Architect and System Designer.
Swapnil Jain
Co-Founder & CTO, Ather Energy
An ardent believer in technology's potential, he values the magic that happens when different technologies work together. He takes a hands-on approach to solving problems and is dedicated to building a strong engineering team and culture at Ather. He has featured in multiple Forbes Lists for developing innovative products that are reshaping India's auto industry.
Rishabh Jain
Senior Programme Lead,
Council on Energy, Environment and Water
Through his expertise in critical minerals, renewable energy deployment, and supply chain orchestration, he has orchestrated profound impact on policy formulation, reform, and assimilation. A harmonious collaborator, he engages with CEOs, senior government officials, and influential stakeholders. His commitment extends to providing robust support to various Indian Ministries within the G20 Energy Transition Working Group.
Randheer Singh
Founder & CEO, ForeSee Advisors
He is a seasoned and knowledgeable professional with a decade-long corporate background, including management roles at Daimler and MAN Truck and Bus India (a Volkswagen Group Company). He joined Niti Aayog in 2020 as a Director, where he contributed to the E-Mobility and Battery Storage Mission for three years. A versatile expert, he's authored influential reports on lithium-ion cells, battery tech, EVs, and transport decarbonization.
Nicholas Sebban
Deputy GM (French subsidiary),
LEAD Intelligent
Drawing upon his over 18 years of extensive expertise in the automotive sector, cultivated through affiliations with renowned companies, Mr. Sebban has assumed a pivotal role in driving project success through efficient resource allocation. Presently, his responsibilities encompass nurturing business growth across France, Italy, and Spain. His acumen not only reflects a robust track record but also underscores their proactive commitment to steering enterprises towards heightened accomplishments within dynamic markets.
Dr. Tata Narasinga Rao
Director, ARCI
Renowned for his work in translational nanomaterials research, he has developed innovative, cost-effective methods for producing nano-silver and nano-TiO2 suspensions/powders, revolutionizing self-cleaning and antibacterial textile applications. His contributions extend to high-performance Li-Ion electrode materials, bio-based activated carbon for super capacitors, and high-energy nano-aluminium applications. He has published 190 research papers, and his groundbreaking efforts have garnered numerous prestigious awards and honors.
Sagar Mitra
Professor, IIT Bombay
At present, his research interests are mainly focused on advanced materials and technology development for different energy storage applications, particularly in lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and metal Sulphur batteries. He has more than 130 publications in journals and 28 patents to his credit. He also serves on the board of various research institutes and is associated with Niti Aayog’s lithium circular economy subcommittee.
Akshay Singhal
Founder & CEO, Log9 Materials
Recognized in the Forbes "30 Under 30 Asia" list, he is a researcher with 50+ patents to his credit and is a passionate advocate of proactive climate action through innovative nanotechnology solutions. He propelled Log9's emergence as a notable contender in the EV battery realm, and currently supports planet-benefiting startups through angel investments.
Vani Dantam
COO, NextTech Batteries
A respected US Navy Veteran, he is a global executive with 40+ years of experience in the Energy and Transportation domains. Recently, he has managed a transformative multi GWh Li-Ion Battery Plant project in India. He has overseen the construction, launch, and commissioning of facilities in diverse corners of the world and has recently accepted the position of CEO at Nevada Technology Corporation.
Komal Kareer
Associate, BloombergNEF, New Delhi
A regional analyst who specialises in covering electric mobility and corporate power procurement sectors, her work focuses on market trend analysis, policy dynamics, company strategies and building forecasting to provide strategic insights. She has worked as a corporate sustainability consultant and has empowered businesses on optimising energy costs.
Dr. Hariprakash Bellie
CTO, Godi Energy India Pvt Ltd
With over 25 years of research and industry experience in Advance Battery Science & Technology, he has been working closely with global innovators to deliver Lithium-Ion technology implementation in India. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Electrochemistry from the IISc, Bangalore and currently heads the advanced energy storage technologies for EV & ESS applications at Godi Energy India.
Sudhendu J. Sinha
Advisor, Niti Aayog
With over 30 years of experience, he is adept in operations, infrastructure planning, coordination, and management within the Indian Railways. Adorned with numerous accolades, his journey has been marked by transformative endeavours that have reshaped the railway landscape. He served as the Dean at IRITM, Lucknow, and as the General Manager of CRIS, with each role exemplifying his unwavering commitment to excellence.
Dr. Rahul Walawalkar
President & MD,
Customised Energy Solutions (India)
A strong votary of improving energy storage and e-mobility in India, he founded the India Energy Storage Alliance in 2012. He has been part of several Government advisory committees and has played an instrumental role in providing stakeholder inputs for the Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Manufacturing Program for Niti Aayog during 2019-20, and has drafted the National Energy Storage Mission for MNRE.
Vikramadithya Gourineni
Executive Director, Amara Raja
Energy & Mobility Ltd
Vikramadithya Gourineni is playing a pivotal role in driving transformation and growth at Amara Raja Energy & Mobility. As the head of the New Energy Business, Vikram is leading the charge in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of the industry. His strategic vision and relentless drive have established Amara Raja as a very serious player in the advanced cell technology space.
Vijayanand Samudrala
President New Energy
Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies
Senior member of the Corporate Management Council at Amara Raja Group, he has been a part of the group’s growth story for the last 30 years. He is an active proponent of adoption of new and emerging technologies in the field of E-Mobility, Renewable Energy and Advanced Energy Storage.
Jagadish Mandava
CTO, Amara Raja Advanced Cell
A senior member of the Executive Committee of Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited, he has been part of the startup team that introduced the new generation VRLA battery technology in the country. He was also instrumental in design & development of the hugely successful Amaron and PowerZone branded automotive batteries and was responsible for the technology transfer from Johnson Controls Inc of US. He is now focused on driving new energy storage technologies for Electric and Hybrid vehicles, Energy Storage, Telecommunication, and others.

Glimpses from EVOLVE 2023

To further the quest for comprehensive insights and to give constructive direction to the dynamic field of Energy & Mobility, Amara Raja Energy & Mobility held the first edition of 'Evolve' a unique conclave on advanced battery technologies in Hyderabad on the 11th of August

The conclave brought together the brightest minds from industry, academia, research, and policy to engage in insightful discussions about the advancements, challenges, and potential of battery technologies in shaping the future of energy storage and mobility.

The first keynote speech was given by Shri Sudhendu Sinha, Advisor at Niti Aayog on the evolution of Advanced Storage Battery Technologies (ASBT) value chain in India and what prospects does it hold for the future.
Ms Komal Kareer, Associate, Bloomberg NEF,  delivered the second keynote speech about the Light Electric Vehicles industry in India, its current status, the opportunities it presents and the challenges it poses.
The keynote speech by Prof. Sagar Mitra from IIT Bombay was on the Future of Energy Storage Technologies and what opportunities does it hold for India.

Three knowledge-driven panel discussions

Evolve had three knowledge-driven panel discussions by experts to delve into the vast growth opportunities that India offers in the rapidly evolving energy & mobility space.

The second session focused on the Evolution of Advanced Storage Battery Technologies Value Chain in India was moderated by S Vijayanand, President, New Energy – Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies. Panellists for the session were Atul Arya, Head Energy Systems Division – Panasonic; Rishabh Jain, Sr. Program Lead – CEEW; Randheer Singh, Founder & CEO of ForeSee Advisors and Nicholas Sebban, Deputy GM (French subsidiary), LEAD Intelligent. The session analysed the supply chain framework and challenges in establishing India as a credible part of the global value chain and also deliberated on the prospects of collaboration between manufacturers and R&D centres.
The first session was about India Taking Global Leadership in Light EVs – Opportunities & Challenges. Moderated by Vikramadithya Gourineni, Executive Director, New Energy Business, Amara Raja Energy & Mobility, the panel consisted of Swapnil Jain, co-founder, Ather Energy, Ravin Mirchandani, Chairperson, Ador Powetron Ltd; Pratik Gupta, CEO, Gensol EVs and Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President, Customised Energy Solutions and IESA. The panellists spoke about the unique mobility needs of India, and how India can become a global leader in the field. They also discussed the potential of swapping and leasing for EVs, and the aspects of charging network and cell technology for Light EVs.
The session focused on the Future of Energy Storage Technologies & How India can Leapfrog to the Front. Moderated by M Jagadish, CTO, Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies, the panellists included Tata Narasinga Rao, Director – ARCI; Akshay Singhal, Founder, Log9; Vani Dantam, COO- NexTech Batteries; Hariprakash B CTO- GODI Energy and Thomas Ludger, Principal, FEV Consulting. In the session, the discussion revolved around the future of storage technologies with special focus on Li-Ion battery chemistries and alternative technologies.

As a pioneer in battery manufacturing, Amara Raja has always strived for propelling innovation and research in this field. Now, with its focus on the advanced battery technologies segment, the company aims to drive the narrative in the Energy & Mobility space and the conclave marked a good start to this ambition.


Here's a glimpse from the conclave showcasing key moments and discussions.


In the spirit of showcasing the myriad opportunities and challenges within the Energy & Mobility landscape, we hosted the Evolve Conclave on Advanced Battery Technologies.

Evolve brings together luminaries from industry, academia, research, and policy to engage in insightful discussions about the evolution, obstacles, and potential of battery technologies in shaping the future of energy storage and mobility.

Our mission with this unique conclave is to facilitate a rich exchange of ideas among industry leaders, policymakers, energy & mobility experts, manufacturers, and delegates. We have curated in-depth sessions exploring the EV landscape alongside Energy and Storage Technologies.

This conclave featured keynote speeches on advanced battery storage technologies, India's position in Light EVs, and the future of energy storage technologies and hosted comprehensive panel discussions with industry leaders and experts, and delved into the future trajectory of Energy & mobility.

We plan on making Evolve an annual event that the entire industry would look forward to and together, we will delve into the thriving Electric Vehicle (EV) landscape!

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