Amara Raja is one of the leading manufacturers of Lead Acid batteries of VRLA, MF Flooded and Tubular versions for Industrial, Consumer and Automotive applications. The company was the first to pioneer the VRLA & MF flooded technology in India and successfully launched this product to suit to Indian tropical climatic conditions. Today, VRLA battery is the most sought-after product by the customers by virtue of its maintenance-free characteristics and highly reliable performance. Further, the company introduced flooded batteries that are completely Maintenance Free and factory charged for Four Wheeler application. In our endeavour to offer the best in class product to Indian consumers, we brought AGM version of lead-acid batteries for two-wheeler application in the year 2008. In the year 2016; we brought the world class Tubular Battery Technology to serve the Indian Home inverter, Solar & E-Rickshaw applications.

The Technology & Research (T & R) center of Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited, has been the back bone of all the above activities. Both fundamental and applied research projects are taken every year, which obviously helps to improve the product performance constantly. The center has a hub of human talent, close to 150 people with diverse back grounds and competencies to drive these projects. In other words, innovation & excellence are a way of life at the center with a sole objective of bringing in best-in-class products to the delight of the customer.

Our T & R is recognized by DSIR since 1996 for its efforts and contributions. With Innovative Engineering, Research and Design, Amara Raja has grown with partnerships and information sharing with world leaders.

Technology Vision

We will excel in developing sustainable, green energy products and provide Technology leadership in stored energy systems.

Technology Focus Areas

Product Technology
Process Technology
Material Technology

Technology Focus Objectives

  • Development of import substitution in materials and products.
  • Exploration of environmental friendly operations/ materials.
  • Manufacturing Technology up-gradation to make the batteries robust and high-end performer.
  • Material/Process development activities for enhancing battery performance and cost efficiency.
  • New product development for emerging applications.
  • Research on New Energy Storage Technologies/ Non-Lead Acid Technologies.
  • Value engineering efforts for product improvements.

Technology Focus Impact

As a result of our Technology and Research efforts, there have been a plethora of benefits that could be brought over the years and a list of such benefits but not limited to these alone are given below:

  • Cost reduction
  • Environmental protection
  • Energy conservation
  • Enhanced performance and reliability of the product
  • Enhanced market share
  • Foreign exchange earnings
  • Penetration into newer markets
  • Resource saving

Nature of existing Research and Development facilities available at the Technology Centre

  • Life cycle networks
  • High rate discharge tester
  • Vibration test facility
  • Humidity chambers
  • Vibration Integrated Environment Chamber
  • Environmental chambers
  • Cold chambers
  • Temp. controlled water baths
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • X-ray Diffractometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Particle Size Analyser
  • Impedance Analyser
  • Potentiostat / Galvanostat
  • Glove Box
  • Stereo/Optical Microscopes
  • Hardness test equipment
  • Ovens / Furnaces
  • Vibratory sieve shaker
  • Weighing / Density balance
  • Flammability, Melt Flow Index & Limiting Oxygen Index-Plastic
  • Multi meter/clamp meter/Oscilloscopes/Data loggers
  • LCN for Li-ion Batteries
  • Universal Testing Machine