Amara Raja Advanced Cell
Technologies – Leading the Future

As the world increasingly swaps fossil fuel power for emission-free
electrification, Lithium-ion batteries are becoming a vital storage
tool to facilitate this energy transition. At Amara Raja, we develop
technologies today for the energy storage and mobility needs of the
future. In the ever-evolving automotive industry, to stay competitive
one has to stay ahead of the curve, and our proprietary chemistries,
BMS electronics make us uniquely positioned to offer cells and battery
packs with significantly high domestic value addition that are most
suited for any application.

Our Gigafactory

Amara Raja is committed to accelerating the progress towards a cleaner,
sustainable future and our focus on creating safe, stable Li-ion battery
packs that offer higher performance, longer life, and better resistance
to temperature variations through our decades of experience with various
application scenarios and climatic conditions. We have been working on
Li-ion cell chemistries specifically suited for Indian subcontinent
conditions, and we have supplied several battery packs that have undergone
75 Crore KM of actual on-road travel. The Amara Raja Gigafactory will be
spread over 265 Acres in Divitipally, Hyderabad, Telangana, and the
planted capacity is 16 GWh.

e+ Energy Labs

The Amara Raja e+ Energy Labs is slated to be the first of its kind energy research
institute and innovation center in Hyderabad, the facility will be equipped with
advanced laboratories and testing infrastructure for material research, prototyping,
product life cycle analysis, and PoC demonstration available to any company working
in this field. It will serve as a catalyst for multi-stakeholder collaboration and
fostering entrepreneurship amongst Academic Institutions, Research Agencies,
Government Bodies, and Technological Developers.

  • Material Research Lab
  • Prototyping and Testing Lab
  • Proof of Concept and Tech Demo Lab
  • Advanced Analytical Lab
  • Battery/Vehicle Data Analytics and Intelligence
  • Conferencing and Digital Library
  • Startup Incubation Center

Product Portfolio

Amara Raja’s core technology competencies are in designing customized battery packs to cater to specific requirements – to be adaptable, efficient,
reliable, safe, and cost-effective while withstanding the rigors of an automotive environment. The company has invested in extensive in-house testing
and R&D capabilities for battery cells, packs, and systems. The expert team possesses an expansive body of knowledge on lithium-ion cell chemistry
types and performance characteristics and endeavors to increase the DVA. The company has created a product portfolio to cater to NMC, LFP batteries
along with Li-ion battery packs for 2 wheelers & 3 wheelers, portable chargers, and fast chargers






3 Wheeler Battery Pack

NMC – 7.5 kWh,
8 kWh and 8.5 kWh
LFP – 5 kWh,
8.3 kWh and 10.2 kWh

2 Wheeler Battery Pack

NMC – 2 kWh,
2.5 kWh and 3 kWh
LFP – 2.1 kWh

DC Fast Charger

30 kW to 180 kW

Portable EV Charger

500 W to 3000 W

AC Charger

3.3 kW to 22 kW