As a corporate citizen with a focus on societal development and social conscience, Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited strives to cultivate a sustainable approach to conducting business. In our interactions with stakeholders within and beyond the sphere of business, we recognize and understand that we shoulder a larger responsibility.

Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited has been contributing 2% of profits or 0.2% of sales whichever is higher towards corporate social responsibility, much before it became a law in the year 2014.

We do business with an open eye - continuously measuring and evaluating the consequences and impact of our actions. The business we do is systematically strengthened by our workforce predominantly comprising of members of rural society who live in and around our manufacturing plants. It is a means by which we focus on rural non-migratory employment generation and skills sustenance through training.

Ingrained in the soul of Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Limited is a drive to awaken in our employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders, as well as the larger society, a spirit of responsibility - to ourselves, the environment, our civic systems, the governments in the regions where we work and contribute, and to the future of the generations to come with a focus on rural people engagement and sustenance of development activities.

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