Executive Commitee

Jayadev Galla

Chairman & Managing Director

Jayadev Galla is the Managing Director of Amara Raja Batteries Limited since August 2003. Under his guidance and leadership, the Company has achieved many milestones, viz., including the crossing of Rs.6800 crores turnover; expanding footprint in overseas markets especially in the Indian Ocean Rim, etc. He has been very active and providing valuable suggestions to the Company's strategy and growth plans. Jayadev Galla later assumed charge as the CMD of the Amara Raja group of Companies from August 14, 2021.

Harshavardhana Gourineni

Executive Director, Lead Acid Batteries

Harsha started his career in 2013 at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Johnson Controls, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world, initially as an Operations Supervisor and later on went on to managing the demand planning function. Subsequently, he joined Amara Raja as a Management Executive with functional responsibilities in Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing and other functional responsibilities within the group before being inducted into the board of different group entities. Until recently, he was the Managing Director & CEO of Mangal Industries Ltd. (MIL) a leading manufacturer of auto and battery components in the Amara Raja Group. In this role, he demonstrated a proven record of managing different business verticals. Under his leadership, MIL successfully executed numerous mission critical projects in a timebound manner. He joins Amara Raja Batteries Ltd as its Executive Director with the responsibility of driving the Lead acid battery value maximisation strategies apart from other key initiatives.

Vikramadithya Gourineni

Executive Director, New Energy Business

Vikram started his journey in Amara Raja in 2013 as a Management Executive handling various functional responsibilities relating to supply chain management, procurement, marketing and sales etc. while steadily moving up the ranks. He has been a driving force behind the design and implementation of key strategies in the group. He was subsequently appointed as a Director in many Group entities. He held the top spot in Amara Raja Power Systems Ltd as its Managing Director & CEO and Amara Raja Electronics Ltd as its Managing Director. He was instrumental in shaping the operational policies, growth strategy and future vision for the firm. He now takes on a larger role as the Executive Director in Amara Raja Batteries Ltd responsible for New Energy strategy apart from other key initiatives.

Vijayanand S

President - New Energy Business

Vijayanand S has done his Post Graduation in Chemical Engineering. His journey in Amara Raja started in the month of November 1992 as Assistant Manager. He has also undergone a General Management and Leadership Development Programme in Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. During his tenure, he handled Marketing, Research and Engineering and various other roles. He is the Merit award winner for his contribution to the "yellow hat / kantori startup team" by JCI in May 2005. He headed the Industrial Batteries SBU of ARBL before and was also the CEO of Amara Raja Power Systems Business.